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About us

My wife Maria and I, Luis,  developed the self-serve concept in 2017, at the we were caring for our 17 year old Schnoodle who did not like baths and having been a nurse for 27 years, my back was not up to the task either.  It was after meeting, who is now our lead groomer Sharon, that we decided to fuse the self-serve and professional grooming together.  My years  medical experience has allowed us to maintain a clean, sanitary and safe environment while offering  exceptional customer service.  Sharon's vast years of experience and unparalleled skill, and the groomers who she's trained and guided have set us apart from the competition. 


My Pretty Puppy is unlike most other grooming shops, our salon lead by Sharon Castaneda, offers two decades of experience grooming and caring for all dog sizes and  breeds.  Our groomers are constantly expanding their knowledge-base and striving  to perfect their ever increasing  skills to make this a premier salon in Orange County.  

We takes great pride in providing a clean, safe, low-stress, and nurturing environment for both the pets and pet owners.  We are dedicated to the highest quality grooming and grooming experience for clients. Our attention to detail and caring attitude will help ensure your pet’s health, happiness, and a positive experience.


At My Pretty Puppy, our mission is to provide our customers, both two-legged and four-legged, with a clean, stress free environment. We are here to provide a fun experience for the whole family. We are all animal lovers here, so you can be sure that your pet will be treated with plenty of tender love and care!.


For the comfort of our patrons and to able to maintain a clean shop we will not allow for de-shedding on the self-serve area.

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